Whether you are starting up, or taking the next step, we offer specialized services to support and grow your business.


Simply Food Trucks

" When we ran into a few hiccups starting our company, Raphael’s guidance put us at ease knowing we had the right person to help us get through it. He was instantly responsive when we needed him to be, thorough in his investigations, and frank and honest in his recommendations. We will not do anything without talking to Raphael first. "
- Lori Townsend, COO & Co-Founder of Simply Food Trucks

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“ When working with an attorney, a few things are very important to us— complete transparency with their thoughts and ideas, and that they are proactive rather than reactive. My team puts full confidence in Rashkin Law. We would recommend them to anyone looking for personable and professional legal representation. ”
- Nick Wagner, CEO & Founder of Flipbook App

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" Raphael has been a wonderful resource helping write contracts, negotiate agreements and file trademarks. Raphael is quick to respond to my requests and questions and has a fast turnaround time. "
- Anthony Paglino, CEO & Founder of Raincube LLC

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" Rashkin Law has been instrumental in setting up our legal groundwork. Raphael prepared our Operating Agreement and took his time to explain each step. As a startup company, we value affordability as well as quick and timely communications. That has been our exact experience working with Raphael, and we highly recommend Rashkin Law for your legal needs. "
- Tad Svendrys, President & Co-Founder of Verapy, LLC

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Raphael Rashkin, Esq.

Raphael has a breadth of experience working in a wide range of legal practices, both as a litigator and a transactional lawyer, however he specializes working with business owners to develop and execute legal strategies to save both time and money - so you can focus your resources on growing your business.


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