Protect your public lawyer profile with BarLi Alerts.

Security monitoring for your public bar license status and info.

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Monitor your lawyer profile - eliminate surprises.

Your lawyer profile with the bar is publicly avaiable to everyone, so make sure it shows your license is in good standing.

Alerts by email

Simple email alerts - no apps to download or annoying phone notifications.

Bar status monitoring

Know immediately if someone changes your public state bar information.

Protect your license

Be notified if your public profile shows that your license is not in good standing.

No Spam

BarLi Alerts will never sell our disclose your email to third-party marketers.

Secure your profile

The state bar keeps a public profile for you on their website - make sure it's right.

BarLi Alerts. keeps an eye on your profile.

You don't have time to stare at your public bar profile all day. BarLi Alerts is the easy way to make sure you know if someone has taken control of your public lawyer profile.

  • 24/7 Profile Monitoring
  • Instant Notifications
  • Email Alerts
  • Simple one-step sign-up

What do potential clients see?

Anyone can look you up on the state bar website and see your practice information - including whether you are currently eligible to practice law.

BarLi Alerts gives you piece-of-mind to know that everyone can see that your license is in good-standing and you are open for business.

Easy and secure one-step sign-up.

We use cutting-edge security tools to process your subscription, so you know your sign-up will be easy and secure.

  • Easy one-step signup.
  • Secure subscription payments with Stripe.
  • Industry leading payment processing platform.

No app download necessary - just simple email.

You don't need another annoying app on your phone. BarLi Alerts uses simple email alerts to let you know if something has changed on your public bar profile. No need to update an app or sign-in to keep your service active.


Peace-of-mind for less than $3 a month.
Know that your bar license is in good standing with Barli Alerts profile monitoring.

Easy Pay

Profile Monitoring

$29per year
appx $2 a month

  • 24/7 profile monitoring
  • Alerts when change detected
  • No app download needed
  • Instant one-step sign-up
  • Secure payments technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BarLi Alerts?

Barli Alerts provides full-time 24/7 security monitoring for your public lawyer profile kept by the state bar association. BarLi Alerts lets you know if someone makes changes to your profile without your knowledge and helps protect your online information.

What information is on my online state bar lawyer profile?

Your state bar keeps an online profile that contains your bar license number, whether you are currently eligible to practice law, whether you have complaints against you, and your contact information, including email and mailing addresses and phone numbers. Identify thieves can alter this information leaving your law practice at risk.

How much does a subscription with BarLi Alerts cost?

For less than $3 a month, BarLi Alerts will securely monitor your publicly available bar information - just $29 per year.

Does BarLi Alerts require a software download?

BarLi Alerts utilizes email alerts sent directly to your inbox, so there is no need for bloated app downloads or additional software, and you will never have to sign-in to an account to keep your service active - no passwords or usernames to remember. Simple, easy, and secure.


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